Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, 2nd Edition


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J.C. Wells | 2000 | ISBN: 0582364671 | English | 896 pages | PDF | 126 MB
The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative pronunciation dictionary available. This expanded and completely updated new edition includes:

• 135,000 pronunciations, giving full coverage of both British and American English using the alphabet of the International Phonetic Association
• over 200 graphs showing pronunciation preferences of British and American speakers, and how these are changing, for words like controversy, either, harass, and garage -based on Professor Wells’s unique Pronunciation Preference Poll over the Internet
• recommended pronunciations clearly shown in blue for each word, as well as other pronunciations in common use
• stress patterns for thousands of compounds and idioms
• more than 50 Spelling-to-sound hoxes and 35 language Panels
• thousands of proper names, including:
– people — forenames, family names, names of literary, and mythological figures
– places — thousands of cities, towns, and rivers in Britain, North America, and Australia, as well as major towns, cities, and rivers in the rest of the world
– commercial products and brands
• pronunciation in the language of origin, as well as English, for words and names from foreign languages

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